What and for what is SVitLAB GameCenter?

It's an application, that allows to update game clients to the latest version with a bunch of other useful functionality.

More info: FAQ.

Client side - SVitLAB GameCenter v2

Main capabilities:

  • updating gaming client to the actual version
  • unlimited number of games
  • regular check of gaming client for file's modification
  • self updaing
  • displaying customer information in the built-in browser
  • defence from clicker programs
  • defence from packet hack programs
  • defence from running game without launcher (depends on the customer)
  • defence from bruteforce
  • ciphered requests to the server
  • separate login servers
  • using HTTP and/or Torrent protocol for update
  • working private server for testing (Aion)
  • personal integration for customer

Download demo

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Server side - SVitLAB GameCenter Server

Main capabilities:

  • multi-server (up to infinity)
  • fast deployment
  • written on .NET Core (supporting Linux/Windows)
  • built in support of IPS Forum API
  • protection from DDos (provider + fast deployment of new servers)
  • hiding your real IP to external database
  • managing from Private Area
  • defence from bruteforce when login
  • personal integration for customer

List of our prices

Unique offers on the market

  • Basic 2.0
  • $35.00
  • Client - SVitLAB GameCenter v2.
    Server - Rent a VPS server with SVitLAB GameCenter Server.

  • 30 days active
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  • Basic
  • $30.00
  • Client - SVitLAB Game Launcher v1.5.
    Server - Rent a VPS server with SVitLAB Launcher Server.
    Not recommended, obsolete version.

  • 30 days active
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